Keep Your Vehicle's Path Lit Properly This Winter

Winter is settling in, not only does it bring the cold temperatures and the snow but it also means shorter days. Darkness comes much sooner during this time of year and now more than ever it is important to make sure that the headlights on your vehicle as well as the lenses that protect them, are ready to light the path for you through the dark winter nights.

The lenses that cover and protect the individual bulbs that actually provide you with illumination are typically going to be one of the first things to examine when making sure you have proper illumination. Over time yellowing or clouding can occur on either the exterior side of the lenses as well as on the inside, which can usually end up being the worse of the two occurrences.

Make sure your vehicle not only has the proper lighting and lenses this winter but also that they are installed correctly. Bring your vehicle in to Team Kia of Bend today and drive safely.

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