The Benefits of Choosing Service With a Dealer

Where you choose to go to service your vehicle is really important. While there are many great options available, your best option for value, quality service, and positive experiences are at your local dealership.

Why should you choose service at Team Kia? We have access to the tools needed to tackle any task that you throw our way. We also have access to the latest recall information and the ability to accomplish repairs under warranty. We have OEM-approved parts, a relaxed waiting area, and first-rate customer service. Our large and qualified staff of technicians are prepared and dedicated to get the job done and satisfy each and every customer. If you bought from us, we'll know your vehicle inside and out, something that helps us give you the service you want and deserve.

If you're in need of maintenance for your vehicle, contact our service center in Bend, OR today to set up an appointment.

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