Why You Should Use a Clay Bar When Detailing

The best part about a detail is that you get service like no other, including the details that matter for the longevity of your car. When you get a clay bar treatment, you protect your vehicle from an endless array of metals, dust, and corrosive materials that fade your paint every day. Essentially, clay bar treatments are the key to keeping your car's exterior shiny and new.

There are a lot of detailers who simply wash and wax the exterior of your vehicle. This means that after a few years, your car may start to look slightly dull, and this continues on for years after. If you love your car and want to keep it looking the best, wax and clay bar treatments are the best options. With this combination, you combat a host of issues like rust, brake dust, metal dust, and chemicals beating down your car's paint every day.

Ready to see what your car looks like after the clay bar? Talk to Team Kia of Bend located in Bend, OR.

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