Why Front-Wheel Drive is Used More Frequently

Front-wheel drive vehicles are more common for a number of reasons. Rear-wheel drive is still used for SUVs and luxury sedans, but front-wheel drive has risen in popularity. When the power is in the front of the vehicle, the car becomes easier to handle when the road conditions are bad. The vehicle can accelerate around corners, and is more affordable.

Rear-wheel drive technology pushes the vehicle instead of pulling it along the road. With rear-wheel drive, the work is more evenly distributed among the four tires. Race car drivers prefer rear-wheel drive because of the way it handles on the road.

It's cheaper to manufacture front-wheel drive cars, and therefore cheaper to purchase a front-wheel drive option. With the choices available, it's time to come check out what we have to offer at Team Kia of Bend. We can show you our inventory of front-wheel and rear-wheel drive options and discuss the benefits of both.

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