Effective Maintenance Procedures for a Stained Headlight

When an old headlight with a dim housing needs maintenance, professional crews use a variety of commercial-grade tools to remove the grime that generates yellowish stains. In professional shop environments, the maintenance crews wipe away stains with strong chemical-based products, and they use unique liquids to give the housing a glossy sheen after all cleansing procedures are implemented. If you want to get similar results without using commercial-grade supplies, you'll need toothpaste, water, polish, and a rag.

The toothpaste will help you scrub away the harsh grime on the headlights. Because scrubbing is required in order to dissolve the stains, you'll need a toothpaste that's made by a popular brand. Major toothpaste companies provide products with strong abrasive components that have the ability to remove harsh environmental grime.

Once the headlights aren't yellowish, you can make the housing shiny by using an automotive polish. During the buffing process, wipe the material efficiently so that the housing develops a glossy effect that stands out.

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