How to Diagnosis a Problem with Your Car Starting

Many drivers have experiences a car’s failure to start due to the car battery. However, there are many instances where your car battery could be in perfect condition but your car fails to start.

When you start your car, you hear the cranking sound, which dates back to the first cars even built. However, if you don’t hear any sound, which could also mean your car did not start, you need to consider other components. In this case, the common culprits are a locked-up engine, your cables or your alternator.

In either case, it's best to bring your car in to our service center because it will require more than just changing your engine oil. If you car fails to start all, it may be necessary to have your car towed to our service center.

In case you have any of these problems, reach out to our service center hear at Team Kia of Bend in Bend, OR, and we’ll sort you out as soon as possible.

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