Testing Your Car's Battery with a Voltmeter

To test your car battery safely with a voltmeter, be sure you have a good pair of gloves and protective eye-wear. With the car engine off and the hood open, find the car battery and be sure to identify the positive and negative terminals. If the terminals have any corrosion, use a wire brush to get a clean point of contact.

To start, we need to take the red cable from the voltmeter and attach to the positive end of the car battery. The black cable from that voltmeter then goes to the negative battery side. Turn on the voltmeter. Readings at 12.4 or higher show a good voltage. If the battery registers 12.2 or lower, it is bad and may not be able to hold a charge.

If the battery is not registering a good number, come to Team Kia of Bend so we can check the charging system and replace the battery if needed.

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