Never Overlook the Value of a Wheel Alignment

Don't dismiss the value of a good wheel alignment. Vehicle performance usually improves after a proper alignment job. In addition to extending the life of the tires, an alignment contributes to better fuel efficiency. The relatively inexpensive service ends up paying for itself.

Be mindful about the signs indicating an alignment has become past due. A vehicle pulling to the left or right really isn't normal. The problem could even be something more severe than a misaligned set of wheels. Poor alignment can cause other issues such as a shimmying steering wheel. A vibrating steering wheel presents a possible distraction. Distracted driving isn't exactly a safe way to travel behind the wheel of a car.

Worn tires present a potentially serious hazard. Worn down and uneven tires don't grip the road well. In poor weather, this creates a potentially disastrous safety hazard.

Enhance the safety of driving in Bend and its outskirts. Come down to our service center here at Team Kia of Bend and take advantage of our wheel alignment and other maintenance offers.

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