What Happens to Your Vehicle’s Battery During Extreme Temperatures?

The battery plays an important role in how you start your vehicle. It provides the current that is needed to the ignition and starter, which is what causes your engine to crank, so it is important to keep your battery fully charged and in good condition. You should also be aware that extremely hot and cold temperatures can influence your battery’s performance and lifespan.

The winter months can be hard on your vehicle’s battery. When the temperature drops, a weak battery will not be able to provide sufficient power to the the starter and ignition system. The summer months can also cause problems for your battery. Hot temperatures can cause accelerated erosion and increased chemical activity in the battery. If a weak battery is continually exposed to extremely hot temperatures, the damage is permanent and you will need to have it replaced.

Routine battery inspections can help keep your vehicle running smoothly. If your vehicle’s battery needs to be inspected, be sure to stop by our service center here at Team Kia of Bend in Bend, OR.

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