Effective Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Here are a few signs the tires on your vehicle could potentially fail.

If you have recently driven your vehicle into a pothole and now the steering feels off, you may have done a number to the alignment. if this is the case, the tread on the tires could start to wear unevenly, resulting in the chances of a blowout increasing. Have the vehicle front end inspected and aligned to reduce the chances of a tire failure.

Don't neglect to get air in the tires if the pressure indicator is showing they are low in pressure. Low air pressure puts more tread on the road and will increase the chances of a tire blowout. The longer you are driving the car with underinflated tires, the more likely it will be the tires may fail at high speed and result in a serious accident.

Schedule a tire rotation at Team Kia of Bend so we can inspect the tires more closely.

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