Keeping Your Engine Working Well with Oil in All Weather Settings

It is very important to keep on top of many different factors when it comes to the engine. One of the factors you have to keep in mind is the seasons. When the seasons change, certain things you put in your engine has to change as well.

One thing that has to change is the type of oil you put into your vehicle. If your oil has a high viscosity, then it should not be used for colder seasons like winter. For one thing, the oil is going to be too thick. Low viscosity oil is better for colder temperatures because of the thickness of it. The oil has to have the right type of thickness so that it can keep the components of the engine lubricated so that it does not wear out as fast.

If you want more information about the type of oil you should use for your vehicle, then we at Team Kia of Bend will give you the needed information.

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