Understanding Your Vehicle's Suspension System

Your vehicle has several internal components. The mechanical parts will eventually need to be serviced or replaced. If your vehicle bounces when you are driving, there could be a problem with the vehicle's suspension. The steering and suspension system minimizes the imperfections in the road. A faulty suspension system is a safety hazard. The suspension system helps your vehicle move in a straight line.

The wear and tear that comes along with driving can damage the suspension system. The bushings and ball joints will deteriorate with normal use. The shocks and struts will need to be replaced when the suspension system is not working properly.

Our automotive technicians can restore your vehicle's suspension system. New shocks and struts can improve the vehicle's handling. Bring your vehicle to Team Kia of Bend, and we will handle all of your routine maintenance services. Our dealership is easy to find in Bend, OR.

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