Backup Cameras can Keep Drivers More Aware

Here at Team Kia of Bend, we take pride in helping our drivers and other passengers to remain safe. To this end, we often recommend certain technologies that have the potential to boost safety. One such technology that is not only popular but also mandated by law is rear-mounted video camera technology.

Most vehicles, including small and compact sports cars, often have areas around the rears of the vehicles that are invisible to drivers. These so-called blind spots present clear and present dangers to both pedestrians as well as vehicle operators. While technologies such as rearview and side view mirrors can mitigate some of these risks, they fall short of providing drivers with complete information about their surroundings. This is where rear-mounted video camera systems come into play.

Rear mounted video cameras come in many different styles and mounting positions. That said, they all have one thing in common: giving drivers and other vehicle operators clear and uninterrupted views of areas behind their vehicles. As can be imagined, this technology is useful on all vehicles, but it is especially so on larger designs such as trucks and SUVs. In addition to giving drivers visual information, many modern systems also offer early warning systems that produce audible or visual signs to alert the driver to obstacles behind their vehicles. Not only that, the most advanced systems can even engage the brakes if drivers fail to see obstacles in time.

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