Securing Your Camper Before Driving

After loading your belongings in your camper, you need to make sure they are secure. Lock all of the doors and the windows to keep them from coming open while you're driving. If your camper is larger than your vehicle, then you should consider getting additional mirrors from Team Kia of Bend that can be attached temporarily.

Backing up with a camper can be a challenge. Go to a parking lot or spend time in your driveway practicing before getting on the road in Bend, OR. A suggestion is to use the bottom of the steering wheel and turn it where you want the camper to go until you're accustomed to using your mirrors.

Check all of the lights on your vehicle and your camper, especially your hazard lights. If there's an emergency, you want to have these lights on so that other drivers can see you on the side of the road. Pack an emergency box to keep in your vehicle as well that includes road flares, jumper cables, and other items that maintain your safety while waiting for a tow truck or other assistance.


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