Make Sure Your Car is Ready for the Upcoming School Year

It takes a lot of preparation to get you and your family ready for a new school year in Bend, OR. To ensure your car is ready to withstand your demanding schedule, we at Team Kia of Bend recommend these important vehicle maintenance items.

First, ensure that your engine is in good operating condition. This means an oil change, a potential tune-up, and an overall engine maintenance inspection. This ensures that if you are forced to idle your vehicle while you wait for your kids, your car will be able to idle smoothly without damaging the engine. Additionally, you’ll want to have your tires checked for air leaks and ensure that they’re properly rotated. This will reduce the risk of a flat tire that could slow you down.

If you’re due for some back-to-school maintenance, stop by our dealership so our skilled and caring technicians can give your car the attention it needs.

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