When you want to take pride in the appearance of your car, a little bit of cleaning and detailing can go a long way. Regardless of the vehicle you drive in Bend, OR, Team Kia of Bend can give you advice on how to get it looking like new.

To get your carpets spotless, use a hot water extractor. Fill the unit with plain water instead of a chemical mixture so that cleaning compounds don't end up infused in your carpets. This can keep your carpets cleaner for longer. Extractors are best used after you've already vacuumed your carpets with a regular unit. Get stubborn pet hair up with a pumice block before vacuuming.

To deal with scuffs and dirt on the plastic and vinyl parts of your vehicle, use an all-purpose cleaner. If you have spots that aren't coming out, even with aggressive brushing, consider using isopropyl alcohol.

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