Always Check Out Your Route Before You Off-Road

Off-roading gets you back to nature. The sights are exciting and often bring the feeling that you are the first to see it. As long as there is an off-roading enthusiasm, no one can say that the pioneering spirit is dead. There is something about going down a path for the first time that appeals to everyone.

To maximize your safety, check out your route before you go off-roading. Always let someone know where you are going. Check out your course for hazards that may cause damage to your vehicle—or worse, to yourself.

Off-roading clubs in Bend, OR are a great source of information about paths that are new to you, but others with more experience have traveled. If possible, get a recommended road for your first excursion. Take your vehicle to Team Kia of Bend before you go for a complete and thorough safety check.

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