Vehicle Roof Rack Basics

When you have more stuff than you have room in your vehicle, the folks at Team Kia of Bend recommend the use of a luggage rack. Many vehicles come equipped with a luggage rack atop the vehicle or you can add one later.

To safely use your rack, you will need four sturdy cam-buckle straps and either a weatherproof bag or a hard-shell case. The bag or the case will protect your items from both inclement weather as well as flying debris or worse—bug guts and bird excrement.

To avoid back and muscle strain, place the empty bag or case atop the rack. If the rack has adjustable cross or side bars, adjust them to ensure the container will fit tight in the rack and not mar your vehicle's paint. Fill the container. Make sure to place items you will need quickly on top.

When the container is packed and securely closed, use the cam-buckle straps to secure it in place. Hook one strap from side-to-side in the front and another in the back. The other two are secured in place from side to side.

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