Android Auto Overview

Android Auto offers a lot of benefits for drivers who want to stay safe and keep their hands on the steering wheel. While cars used to only have a radio to access, you can now access Google Assistant, millions of songs, lots of videos, messaging, and calling through Android Auto. All of these displays including the touch-sensitive icons on the center console of your dashboard. You’re able to connect and sync up with your vehicle through your smartphone.

In addition, you can access navigation apps as well. While you used to need to add GPS to your vehicle, you can now access it in real-time by connecting to Google Maps and Waze. It’s easy to connect to Android Auto just by turning on Bluetooth, connecting by USB, and downloading the Android App on your phone.

If you want to access Android App on your phone, you can download it and see if it works on your vehicle. There are 400 cars that have this enabled. Want to see the new vehicles with Android Auto? You can talk to the friendly people at Team Kia of Bend located in Bend, OR to get a test drive.

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